Old is gold…

Dear Readers,


In the past year, I have blogged a lot here. Although I do wish to move all of my contents here, its going to take me some time (natural tendencies of procrastination).

Other than the time sensitive posts (like Happy New Year), I plan to re post most of my blogs with the original date of publishing; giving a bigger platform to my thoughts!!


Yours Madly,



In my short life, I have been chased by a wild duck, stamped on a vengeful bumblebee (barefoot), gnawed by a insolent cat for feeding it, nudged by a cow towards a charging two-wheeler, and not to mention dogs treat me as their chew toy. Life is short. So go ahead and enjoy my satirical analogies, quirky theories, sagacious epiphanies and mind-blowing artwork before I meet my untimely death caused by a cockroach.

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