Back to School…

Recently, I started reading the Harry Potter Series (Yes, I know I am a decade late); and I came across this interesting analogy that I would love to share here.  Most books and movie plots (fantasy fiction) always have these stereotypical students.  Probably, even in real life these typos do exist, but these fictional characters have concentrated personalities.

1. Superstars/ Front Benchers 

These are those kids who are usually at the right place at the right time. These guys are the all time stars, teacher’s pets, all-rounders. Every student wants a life like theirs and every teacher wants a student like them.


2. Suck Ups/ Second Row

These are students, who seem to have no sense of self. They are sycophants, always sucking up to the ‘Superstars’. Either they don’t believe in their own luck or are just purely mesmerized by power. Also, our superstars  need their faithful entourage to bounce off dumb ideas, so that we clearly see who our star is.

suck ups

3. Arch Enemies/ Back Benchers/ Rebels

Students who hate these stars, mostly due to jealousy as they lack such luck or are busy being pampered by their rich fathers.

arch enemies

4. Oblivious Folks/ Random Seaters

These are kids extremely unaware of the existence of the superstars, or the raging cold war between the extremes. They usually are fillers in the plot or the story who will eventually end up helping our star student in the climax – that too  unknowingly.  Characters can be disguised as classroom jesters, gossip queens, unlucky boy, etc etc


(DISCLAIMER: Sense of Humor required)


In my short life, I have been chased by a wild duck, stamped on a vengeful bumblebee (barefoot), gnawed by a insolent cat for feeding it, nudged by a cow towards a charging two-wheeler, and not to mention dogs treat me as their chew toy. Life is short. So go ahead and enjoy my satirical analogies, quirky theories, sagacious epiphanies and mind-blowing artwork before I meet my untimely death caused by a cockroach.

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2 comments on “Back to School…
  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Luna should fall under oblivious folks!

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