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Secret Revealed – Somalia(language) is Bihari!!!

Dear Readers, It’s been a long hiatus.  I have been meaning to post in my blog but my procrastination gets the better of me.  I am pleased to announce, I have made one-of-a-kind discovery of the world’s most well kept secret –

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We got Published!

Dear Readers, Not too long ago I wrote a satirical piece of why one must travel by Mumbai Rickshaws!  And guess what?! It got published by ‘City Ninjas’. I love their tagline, “We are in your city, being awesome… Quietly!”

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Back to School…

Recently, I started reading the Harry Potter Series (Yes, I know I am a decade late); and I came across this interesting analogy that I would love to share here.  Most books and movie plots (fantasy fiction) always have these

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Just another New Year’s Blog

First things first; Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. I’ve always wondered what is it about this date that makes people so wild. This is the single most celebrated day all around the world. I am sure it’s not

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