Ganesh Chaturthi


Long overdue, I have finally the perfect subject for my daily sketch.

Here, in India it’s the season to celebrate the birth of our very own Lord Ganesha (fondly known in the west as Elephant God).

Every year we bring home his idol, worship him, offer him traditional delicacies. And when its time for him to return to his home in heaven, we bid him goodbye by immersing him in the ocean.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

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My mornings


I ve always been amused by the view outside my room. Its been over 10 years but this view still awes me.

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3 ladies in my train.


“While travelling to office from site, on the local commute, Mumbai’s Local train, I found 3 very different women sharing the same bench.” 

It seems to me I have forgotten the beauty that can be observed by sketching scenes, people, buildings right in front of you.

I got a fancy new phone and for some reason I am still disconnected. In between work n the insane travel hours to work, I can’t seem to find the time to sit with my sketchbook. I hate that. So I m going to use my  phone to do something smart instead.

I m going sketch something interesting in my everyday life and I hope you enjoy reading the description while you try hard to make out what I ve sketched on my phone.

I dont promise you great sketches but give me some time and I promise you I will master the art of sketching on my phone.

Until then

Yours Madly,


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My newest conquest


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DSC01108 copy

Recently, in the hopes of turning myself around, I countered my previous behavior to such an extent, I threw myself off-balance. Everybody at some point in their lives must have done what I did, choosing the extremes to get a grip on a situation. Most people convince themselves (I did) that doing an ex Read more ›

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4 1/2 inches of pure pleasure

4 1/2 inches of pure pleasure

A while ago I wrote about how I feel about my stationery. This is an addendum to it. I feel the same about my shoes!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The atmosphere 4 1/2 inches above is so serene!

Yours Madly,

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When my Lamy’s went on a Swimming Date

_DSC0034 copy

Yes, I am that freak, who walks in to a stationery shop and never walks out unless someone physically drags me out or the shopkeepers shut their shops at day end. I feel that feeling, I can only assume women feel when they look at shoes or when men look at favorite league merchandises.

If you’re an ounce like me, go give your pens a spa! Make a day out of it and then in the end when they’re smooth and makhan-like, WRITE!, write to your heart’s glory!

Yours Madly,

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