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Fibonacci’s Sequence

The impact golden ratio made in Architecture has always amazed me. Somewhere along the line, I have come to believe that there is a golden ratio to every aspect in life. Yours Madly, Parimala Advertisements

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Recently, in the hopes of turning myself around, I countered my previous behavior to such an extent, I threw myself off-balance. Everybody at some point in their lives must have done what I did, choosing the extremes to get a

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The Immigrant

Have you ever felt you din’t belong somewhere? Do you relate to being ‘Alien’ or ‘Stranger’ ? I have news for you… The concept of  ‘Belonging’ is overrated. In reality, one only needs to belong to oneself. That’s the happiest

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Man & His Element

I have always read about How when one finds his Purpose or the core of his true existence he/she will be set free. I never really understood this concept until recently I went for Warren Mendonsa’s Gig at Blue Frog.

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