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The trapped man…

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” – Andrew Murphy. In the walk of life, I have met several people who live life full of regrets. They constantly blame the world for their circumstances. When offered a

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New beginnings

I have always seen phones as a burden. To me they were always a parody. On one hand you need the phone to connect to people. On the other had you disconnect from yourself. With the grim chance that I

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The Immigrant

Have you ever felt you din’t belong somewhere? Do you relate to being ‘Alien’ or ‘Stranger’ ? I have news for you… The concept of  ‘Belonging’ is overrated. In reality, one only needs to belong to oneself. That’s the happiest

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Old is gold…

Dear Readers,   In the past year, I have blogged a lot here. Although I do wish to move all of my contents here, its going to take me some time (natural tendencies of procrastination). Other than the time sensitive

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