Valley of Wonders

Blue roses unlike any,

Sway with melancholy on a breezy afternoon,

It’s like the day I met true love,

It’s a beautiful day…

blades of grass as green as summer,

shades of tree as cool as winter,

the spring is finally here,

Fall no more my dear.

Pebbles roll under my feet,

Warmth of the soil soothes my aches,

I feel no pain as I embrace the wondrous valley,

One step, I reunite with my abysmal happiness.

– Parimala Venkatesh

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Secret Revealed – Somalia(language) is Bihari!!!

Dear Readers,

It’s been a long hiatus.  I have been meaning to post in my blog but my procrastination gets the better of me.  I am pleased to announce, I have made one-of-a-kind discovery of the world’s most well kept secret – ‘Somalia(language) is Bihari’

As usual, I would like my readers, all 5 of them, to know I mean no offence to any community.  And please don’t kill me over this silly post, I just got married.

Without further adieu, I want to present to you my proof (thanks to google translation & a very boring afternoon). Following are 5 fine examples why Somalia is Bihari.

1. Somalia is bihari – Soomaaliya waa Bihari​

First example is the title itself. Now say it like how a Bihari would and read on further.

2. Google is my friend – Google waa saaxiibkay

Now say it, Google waa ‘Sexy’  be!!! Because without google my discovery would mean nothing.

3. Mobile is broken – mobile ah waa la dumiyey

Now say it like,  “Mobilaa wala Dummy hain” Only dumb mobile providers can give broken mobiles. Am I right or Am I right?

4. Muffin is a pomeranian –  Muffin waa pomeranian ah

Now, that we have established the breed of my pet. Let me tell you something more about her.

5. Muffin is fat – Muffins waa baruurta

She is also fat like a double meat stuffed burrito.

Muffin Burrito

In conclusion, with the above given proof I would like assert my discovery that Somalia(language) is indeed Bihari.

Yours Madly,


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The trapped man…


“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” – Andrew Murphy.

In the walk of life, I have met several people who live life full of regrets. They constantly blame the world for their circumstances. When offered a solution, they have multiple layers of justifications so as to why they will never be free. A man trapped by the world is a fighter but a man trapped by his own mind is a prisoner. 

The world is filled with rules, regulations and restrictions. It’s tough enough to navigate them, so why build your own jail?

Yours Madly,


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Fibonacci’s Sequence


The impact golden ratio made in Architecture has always amazed me. Somewhere along the line, I have come to believe that there is a golden ratio to every aspect in life.

Yours Madly,


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We got Published!

Dear Readers,

Not too long ago I wrote a satirical piece of why one must travel by Mumbai Rickshaws!  And guess what?! It got published by ‘City Ninjas’. I love their tagline, “We are in your city, being awesome… Quietly!”

You can view my article here :

Enjoy & tell me what you think!

Yours Madly,


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New beginnings


I have always seen phones as a burden. To me they were always a parody. On one hand you need the phone to connect to people. On the other had you disconnect from yourself. With the grim chance that I might get sucked into the world of Zombie-phone-walker-sleeper-texter; I took a leap of faith (also because I had no choice).


Sometimes its nice to know you can creatively express yourself whether your stuck in traffic or sitting on a mountain top with just your phone.

Your’s Madly,


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Rickshaw ride!

image The jam I prefer in the morning is usually made of pineapple,  sometimes apples or maybe even mixed fruit but never vehicles. Stuck on my usual route to work, devoid of anyother subject, I decided to sketch my unfriendly neighborhood rickshawaala!

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